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You need the best business services vendors options for your business. Instead of doing an internet search that yields hundreds of results, why not use us?

Free, Pre-Screened Quotes

Let Intelligent Connections do the work for you. We screen vendors so our database is full of only the best options. Then, we match you with the perfect vendor that fits your individual needs.

We Aren’t Like Other Pre-screening Websites

We are industry experts with years of experience. We offer unbiased quality options because we are not affiliated with any of our vendors. No other pre-screening site offers you unbiased options.

Here’s How We Do It

Our pre-screening process is thorough. This is what all vendors in our database have to go through before we decide they’re good enough for you:

  1. Each company is interviewed
  2. We collect background information
  3. A financial analysis is performed
  4. We check their credit
  5. We make sure the company agrees to keep our high standards

This is How You Get the Perfect Match

  •  You tell us what you need
  • We find the perfect, pre-screened provider
  •  You receive a free price quote from the provider
  • You decide if you like the match

The Details

If you don’t like the company we matched you with, there is no obligation. Our service is always free and we will never ask you to pay. Our earnings come from the vendors. We are paid a small fee by the vendors when we send you to them. You never pay a thing.

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